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Product package 5-day Feel-Good-Cure

Product package 5-day Feel-Good-Cure

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5-day Feel-Good-Cure. Do you need help getting rid of your sweet tooth, breaking a negative pattern, or strengthening your body? With our 5-day Feel-Good-Cure, we can help you in the right direction. The regimen is developed in collaboration with leg.dietist. Health Haven, Berry Beautiful and Protein Power. Here you get all the products in one package - also at a discounted price. You can download the course at no extra cost here .
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Berry Beautiful contains lucuma, rosehip, baobab, blueberry and acai - natural nutrition in powder form. 200g. Protein Power contains 2 types of protein hemp & pea protein, cocoa, cordyceps and guarana - natural, vegan and organic diet in powder form. 400g. Health Haven contains spirulina, matcha, lucuma, acerola, ginger. 200g.


If you haven't tried superfood powder before, we recommend starting with a smaller amount and taste your way, and can increase over time.

Nutrition value

Näringsvärde Per 100 g
Energi 1401 kj / 332 kcal
Fett 2,1 g
- varav mättat fett 0,5 g
Kolhydrater 47,1 g
- varav sockerarter 9 g
Fibrer 15,3 g
Protein 33,5 g
Salt 0,05 g

Näringsvärde Per 100 g
Energi 1459 kj / 349 kcal
Fett 7,7 g
- varav mättat fett 0,7 g
Kolhydrater 9,2 g
- varav sockerarter 2,8 g
Fibrer 20,4 g
Protein 50,4 g
Salt 0 g

Näringsvärde Per 100 g
Energi 1238 kj / 295 kcal
Fett 2,2 g
- varav mättat fett 0,4 g
Kolhydrater 58 g
- varav sockerarter 17,2 g
Fibrer 19,7 g
Protein 3,2 g
Salt 0 g


Mix 1 teaspoon of powder with warm vegan milk or make a smoothie of about 1 teaspoon of powder with banana, water or milk. The powder mix can also be sprinkled directly over eg yoghurt or porridge. Use:1 - 2 tsp/day

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See the powders as a complement to your daily nutritional intake, and use them in the way that suits you, and based on the flavors that appeal to you. Our superfood can be eaten daily - in a smoothie, or sprinkle with filet, porridge or salad. Here are some suggestions - & gt;

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