Grön lunchsmoothie med Detox Deluxe

Green lunch smoothie with Detox Deluxe

Sometimes you can't bear to make advanced lunches, then a lunch smoothie is something that can be made quickly and is so useful.

Health Haven and Detox Deluxe go perfectly with a green smoothie. Here we have used Detox Deluxe , which is a mix of organic superfood that naturally helps the body clear out stored toxins. This detox mix contains superfoods such as wheat grass, spirulina, barley grass, chlorella and blueberries as natural supplements in powder form.

Recipe for 2 people

Mix everything for 60 sec

Frozen fruits & vegetables
- 2-3 dl Broccoli
- 2 dl Leaf spinach (3-4 small cubes)
- 2 dl Strawberries

Fresh fruits & vegetables
- Ginger to taste
- 1 apple
- 1 Pear

Also add
- Water or oat milk (adjust to taste)
- 2 tsp Detox Deluxe

Enjoy this green smoothie - and hope you like it!?

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