Vad är Raw Food?

What is Raw Food?

What exactly is raw food? 
Raw food is a diet where you eat raw foods such as fresh fruit, vegetables, sprouts, seeds, beans, nuts, dried fruit or seaweed.🥑🥦🥜
The diet has many advantages, you usually get more energy, better digestion, weight loss and a lower risk of certain diseases.
Raw food should not be cooked or otherwise heated above 42C, as the amount of enzymes will change, leading to poorer digestion and absorption of the food. 
Introduce Raw food carefully and do not make drastic changes in the diet, but remove one thing at a time. Then cravings for sugar, animals and fat decrease.
An easy way to start with Raw food is through smoothies! Mix your favorite fruits &super food together with liquid as part of your breakfast, coffee, lunch or dinner routine and then gradually increase.
And don't forget that the important thing is to find a balance!
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