Tips på nyttiga snacks

Tips for healthy snacks

Eating right is important to feeling good, and that also applies when it comes to snacks.

Here are some tips for healthy snacks:

  • Freeze-dried fruits: Retains all its nutrition and easy to take with you. We have now launched super good ones Mango and Strawberry Snacks.
  • Nuts and seeds: Rich in healthy fats and proteins.
  • Fruit salad: Mix different fruits to get a natural and vitamin-rich snack.
  • Roasted Chickpeas: Contributes to good intestinal health.
  • Vegetable sticks: Rich in fiber and has many different positive effects on the body.
  • Smoothies: A healthy smoothie with fruit and one of ours superfood mixer.

Freeze-dried mango and strawberries is a healthy alternative to snacks such as sweets and chips. These fruits are full of natural sugars and antioxidants, which help in a healthy body. They are also perfect to add to smoothies or to have as a topping on your yogurt or porridge. Freeze-dried mangoes and strawberries are a good snack option for long car journeys, the picnic and the beach.

Read more about freeze-dried Mango and strawberries.

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